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Race against your friends in this chaotic supermarket party game, where everyone’s competing for the Crown!                                                                   


Shopping is boring, slow and, overall, not fun … But is it ? Have you ever wondered what would fun shopping would look like ?
In Supermarket Royale, we made shopping very fun, and with 3 of your friends, shopping might just be the funniest thing you’ve ever done…

How to play ?

The goal is simple: complete as many lists as possible in this shopping tournament ! You have to collect ingredients on your lists, store them in a shopping cart, and validate your lists at the entrance.

You have 2 minutes to complete as many lists as possible, and beat your friends at the end of the 6 levels !

But beware, the shopping carts can be used by any player at any time. That means you can steal your friend's carts or items...


  • 4 Players
  • 20 items to look for in the supermarket
  • 6 Levels
  • Neutral shopping carts
  • Family friendly design and interactions
  • Thematic Graphics


  • CHIOREAN Victor (Producer) - LinkedIn
  • LANTERNIER Loïc (Game Designer) - LinkedIn
  • LETOURNEUR Florian (Game Designer) - LinkedIn
  • KADZHAROV Mark (Game Designer) - LinkedIn
  • BOLDIREFF Théo (Programmer) - LinkedIn
  • GÉLAS Dorian (Programmer) - LinkedIn
  • AGOSTINI Yoan (Game Artist) - Portfolio

Install instructions

  1. Download the .zip package
  2. Extract the contents
  3. Connect 4 controllers to your computer (PS4 or Xbox)
  4. Launch the .exe "SuperMarket Royale"
  5. Use the mouse for interactions in the Menu and to skip the tutorial
  6. Enjoy !


Supermarket Royale v1.0.zip 41 MB


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Nice game.
I tried it with my brothers its was kinda fun :)

Thanks and glad you liked it !